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Bob Gardner, Co-founder / Executive Director / President of the Board of Directors / Missionary

Bob received Jesus at 9 years old and had been in the church ever since. He has been in ministry for over 20 years, everything from youth ministry (his passion) to prison ministry and most everything in-between. He worked with the poor and homeless in New York, Texas and Illinois as well as Costa Rica.

In 2012, Bob lead his youth group on a missions trip to his home state of NY where they worked with an organization that ministered to the poor and homeless. He then had a desire to see something similar done here in Florida and started praying that God would make it happen. Little did Bob know that God would give him a vision and place it on his heart to start and co-found MoHM two years later.

Bob holds an A.S in Biblical Studies from Word of Life Bible Institute and a B.A. in Ministry from Trinity College of Florida.

Brenda Smith, Co-founder

Brenda became a Christ follower as an adult and there was an instant change in her life. She began to seek opportunities to know more about Jesus, draw closer to Him and also to serve. She became involved in Bible study groups and her church, first in children’s ministry and later with the youth group.

In 2012, Brenda worked with a ministry in NY, which served the poor and homeless while on a short-term mission trip. She started to pray that God would do something similar in Florida where she lived, so she could volunteer her time. She had no idea that God would place on her heart the desire to co-found MoHM and become a missionary for Jesus to the homeless.

Brenda holds a B.A. in Psychology from Framingham State University in Massachusetts.